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I remember.

>> Saturday, November 13, 2010

“Shhh!! Don’t tell mom”, you told me on being asked why you were limping. I remember gasping in shock to see blood on your feet. I was shivering when you whispered that you stepped on broken glass. I was only relieved when Mom noticed you were limping and dragged you to the doctor on seeing blood on your chappals. And I only could say “Sorry Anna” on seeing you in pain.
I remember jumping from terrace to terrace in the typical Bangalore suburb setting we stayed in, to look for you, who I knew would be busy flying kites with Babu, Bailu, jayyu, Suri,…(they sound like goonda names now). 

I remember fighting with you every single day over some silly thing. Fights that would result in me wailing and you giving up. 

I remember mom yelling that we are the worst siblings ever cos we fight like dogs and that we should learn from other kids. And I actually believed that only WE were the only kids who fought.

I remember you reaching up to the dabba in which tamarind was stored to sneak a piece to me, cos I could’t reach it.

I remember you convincing to read comics instead of playing in sand. :)

I remember that day you went to the hostel and not realizing you would’t stay with us for 3 years.

I remember the day I ran behind the bike,when uncle took you to the bus stand after summer holidays, tears running down my face.

I remember you holding the cycle for me when I was learning to ride.

I remember the summer where you grew taller by 2 feet. 

I remember coming to visit you in the hostel, and you showing us around proudly, holding back tears when time came for us to leave.

I remember losing appetite when I was told you accidentally poured hot water on yourself.

I remember your first job, your first salary.

I remember you bargaining for a kinetic at home.

I remember those amazing omelets you made for me on Saturdays.

I remember your first promotion.

I remember those million times you have lent me your bike.

I remember you bringing a Barbie for me, cos I complained that you never gave me proper ‘Gifts’ and only cash for every occasion. (and just because I did’t have a Barbie when I was a little girl)

I remember the times I have hurt you by mean words and not even apologised.

I remember those times we’ve eaten dinner in silence, absolutely determined we would’t say a word to each other ever after that chattered away just a day later.

I remember you protectively walking by me on the crowded streets.

I remember having been upset that you din tell me that were seeing someone .

I remember being thrilled that you were getting married. 

I remember crying the happy tears when you did my kanyadaan.

I remember the joy I felt when I knew your son was born.

I want to tell you, I remember. Everything. I might not mention it. But I do love you.
It’s not your Birthday, Nor is it Rakhi. (Well, it’s your Wedding Anniversary tomorrow. )
But , I want you to know, You are the best brother I could have asked for.

Thanks for being my Brother.



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