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Sankranth and Goa.

>> Sunday, January 31, 2010

My blog is super happy today. Three posts. This has to do something with the song posted before this post. I've heard it like 20 times already. I did mention something bout chaos today? No? Alright then. Last one for the day i hope.

This picture was shot a year back by my clumsy hand. But i still like the way it turned out. These small earthen pots (called chirki) are a part of a festival practice in Goa called 'Haldi-Kumkum'. After Makar Sankranth(the harvest festival of India), married women in Goa invite other married women over at home and share Til-ghul(sugar coated sesame seeds). The chirki is customary to be distributed by a newly wed bride for her first Haldi-Kumkum. It was my first last year. I had loads of fun. And my second one just went 15 days back.


Dil to baccha hai ji (The heart is,yes, a child)

Today mood is mad-angle at best. Behaving like a whimisical kid. The movie Ishquiya released on the friday that went by. Got decent reviews. Has 3 of my fav actors. Is on my must-watch list. Meanwhile it's off-beat music has me captive for now. The lyrics of my current favorite is here. Written by Gulzar and sung by Rahat fateh Ali Khan(amazing talent this guy has)(who is, by the way, nephew of late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)

"Aisi ulji nazar unse hatt ti nahi
Daant se reshmi dor katt ti nahi
Umar kab ki baras ke safaid ho gayi
Kaari badari jawani ki chatt ti nahi
Walla ye dhadkan bhadne lagi hai
Chehre ki rangat udne lagi hai
Darr lagta hai tanha sone mein ji
Dil to bachcha hai ji
Dil to bachcha hai ji
Thoda kaccha hai ji
Haan dil to baccha hai ji
Aisi ulji nazar unse hatt ti nahi
Daant se reshmi dor katt ti nahi
Umar kab ki baras ke safaid ho gayi
Kaari badari jawani ki chatt ti nahi

Kisko pataa tha pehlu mein rakha
Dil aisa baaji bhi hoga
Hum to hamesha samajhte the koi
Hum jaisa haaji hi hoga
Hai zor karein, kitna shor karein
Bewaja baatein pe ainwe gaur karein
Dilsa koi kameena nahi
Koi to rokey, koi to tokey
Iss umar mein ab khaogey dhokhe
Darr lagta hai ishq karne mein ji
Dil to bachcha hai ji
Dil to bachcha hai ji
Thoda kaccha hai ji
Haan dil to baccha hai ji"


Fresh new Patterns. Mad angle loots.

Today i'm in touch with my creative side. This new year began with new patterns for my room. Florals, Stripes and Circles,... all came with me thru the door on 1st of jan 2010 to add more happiness this new year. All simple stuff picked up with my dear sister-in-law. I'm eager to hit the store with more ideas next time. The pctures are shot with the camera on my mobile phone which might not do justice to the beautiful fabrics. But i'm still in a mood to show-off so cannot bring myself to put it off any longer. so here goes

This was actually a curtain. But this fella now is on my table and happy to be there.

The prettiest thing bout this cushion is that b/w pattern on the side. This one was a steal.

There's more. But the photographs dont do justice to it as yet. Part II to be uploaded as soon as i get betters pics


Where are you from

>> Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SO,...Where are you from?

This question irritates me. Honestly. I mean, why is this question asked?
It is one of those clever little detective questions in disguise which make u blurt out things you wouldn’t have bothered to answer if asked in any other form. Don’t agree?

Ok!! I'll be one of those insane people who finds fault with an innocent little question. What's wrong with asking "Where are you from?"

But for me, this question is very difficult to answer. Every time this question is put in front of me, my brain fumbles to find what could be the correct answer to it.
It's been pursuing the right answer for so long now.

What should be the correct answer now?
Well, I was born in Bangalore, India (The IT city that I love so so much). But, my parents are from Mangalore(The beautiful coastal city of Karnataka,that I’m proud of too). My Grandparents were from Kerala/Udupi. So if the person asking this so-called inncocent (read twisted) question, should I say—“Ahh!! I’m a Mangalorean born in Bangalore. But I could also be from Kerala! And by the way I live in Goa now.” And have that person look at me like I’m some idiot?

Another perspective-

Should I wonder if that person is asking me Where am I from as in where I belong? Which element of the Universe is it that truly calls me it’s own? And should I explain to him how I belong to every bit that this world is.

Or even worse should I start explaining to him how I think i probably descended from the Greek and traveled all the way to India over a period of million years to sit and explain to him how difficult I find his question is to reply to.

Or maybe I should keep it simple and ask him if he means, Where are you from you Middle-class migrant in the modern world.

How I wish, that the next time I’m asked this question, I could yell at the top of my voice and say, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY WHERE I’M FROM?? COULD YOU PLEASE ELABORATE?”

But mad-angle that this life is, I will probably just smile and go on to explain about how, ‘I’m a Mangalorean, born in Bangalore but living in Goa now.”

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