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Is it yours? And that surely is the question

>> Tuesday, June 12, 2012

After a really long absence from this blog, i have a strange post. While visiting my mum's place in Bangalore, it was a daily ritual to take a walk in the park which was conveniently overlooking the house. It being a new park, a lot of gardening work was still in progress. I could see workers toiling in heat just to make sure the park had good Fauna in a few weeks from now. That's probably why i was waiting to see the park in it's glory. One evening, while me and mum took our walk, i saw a lady bending over and plucking a few grass stems to offer for the God probably. Mum agreed with me that it was worth it buy it from the market or pick it from where there's plenty. Not where the garden has not even taken off. The next evening we saw the same lady plucking the only blooms in the park. That's when i lost it. This was the exact thing that happened next. (it happened in Kanadda, but i write it here in English)

Me: Aunty what are you doing?

Park flower thief aunty (PFTA) : Taking some flowers for home god.

Me (pointing beyond the gate) : Do you see that shop across there?

PFTA (losing interest in me already) : Yes

Me: Well, buy some flowers for 5 Rs. You'll get enough to last you for 3-4 days.

PFTA (ignores me): Hmpf!!

and continues to do the thieving

Me : Can't you see that these are the only blooms in the park ? Please don't do this.

PFTA : Don't teach me! I'm taking this for God. It's his anyway. Is it yours?? That i should i listen to you. (and marches off in the opposite direction. Stops a few metres away, talks to another lady while pointing in my direction, probably sharing my 'interference' in her good deed)

I walk across to my mum who's been watching quietly and sigh. She smiles kindly and we walk for some more time and when we reach the exit, we find there, lying the one bloom that was plucked. The lady probably dropped it in a hurry.

Whose is it now?


Peek-a-boo. So much like me these days.

>> Thursday, February 2, 2012

This was shot just when summer was setting in last year. I was looking for the garden hose and could feel the tiny eyes on me poking under this plant. Pretty thing. Reminds me of 'viper' from Kung-fu Panda for obvious reasons.


It has begun.

>> Saturday, January 14, 2012

I'm at the onset of a new journey. I'm scared but excited. I'm looking forward to what will happen in the next few months. But I get jitters when i think of what else it could have in store for me. Positive thinking is what i need. And Sac. 


I'm happy.

>> Saturday, December 24, 2011

shot by Sac, borrowed by moi. At Mudigere.
I've been away from blogging. I've been busy. I've been happy too. Good things happening to life. Intend to get back to blogging. Started a new blog. Needed one so bad. Want to be loyal to both.Let's see.


9 Loves :

>> Wednesday, July 6, 2011

  • Books – I love reading them. I love collecting them. I love the stories that they carry in them. I love the stories behind them.  I love them like they were a part of me. 
  •  Sac- The better half of the better part of my life. Brings color to my otherwise black and white life.
  •  Brandy- Our 5 year old Labrador.
  •  Abhay- My itty bitty nephew who turns one this july. Absolute darling.
  • Family- I’m nothing without them.
  • Food- I live to eat. You need to get in to my good books, feed me.
  • Travelling and the small joys that come with it.
  • Music for the peace that it can bring. And for making me dance.
  • Dance – I wish I could dance as much I want to.

The list does not indicate an order in which I love them. That’s why I did not number them.


10 secrets:

>> Tuesday, July 5, 2011

1. I like games. I like beating people at them better. High scores give me a high. And I’m fiercely competitive, especially EVEN with friends.

2. I cannot lend books. I just cannot. I’m mean, I know! But I am paranoid about the borrower losing it. Or even worse, giving it dog-ears.  Those few who get to borrow, know. J.

3. Slip of tongues can make my sides split. I might not more than smirk at the world’s best comedy movies, but the slightest slip of tongues will get me rolling. I’m weird?  I already know that. Thanks.

4. Ugly handwriting puts me off. Thank heavens I did not marry a doctor.

5. I hate waking up early. I love the morning air, the early bird chirping, the sunrise, et cetera. But in my perfect world these things happens only after 7:30 am.

6. I can give up romantic dinners for Master Chef. (For those who pity my husband, I cook him fantastic meals, as inspired by the show.)

7. I’m terribly good at tongue twisters. Yes sir I can see slim Sam shaving six slippery chins in sixty six seconds.

8. I carry my world in my handbag. I’m a big handbag girl. My wallet, keys, laptop, a book, an occasional snack, phone, ….. everything just needs to fit in.

9. I dream of food. Almost half the time that I’m awake and idle. I love eating and I love eating.

10. I’m a big big big Friends fan. I absolutely adore Chandler Bing. And I’m good at the friends trivia too.

There. Done.

I’m facing a big risk of seeming like a freak. But those are the 10 secrets. Out of a hundred?


The 10 day you challenge.

I’ve been seeing this challenge doing rounds. Looks like I might enjoy taking it up. 
Will tag a few pals on the way.

Not really sure i can post 1 post a day. Let's see. 


Laughter the best medicine? True, that

>> Thursday, June 30, 2011

Well i'm down with cold. After 2 long years. And recovering. This is what happens when you are blindly proud if your immunity. It gives up on you. Well, i've sulked for 2 full evenings. And sac had to bear the brunt of it. Poor fellow. I've nearly chewed his head of today.

Me, full of irritation (yeah, please blame the cold), barked, that my rediff account was full of spam. Random people promising to share their wealth with me. As much as some millions. Except that i needed to transfer some money to them of course. To help them send the millions to me.

For which, Sac, gently, took the phone and typed away.

This was the exact mail (and trail) that was exchanged.

MAIL 1- From the lovely lady who wanted to share her money with me.


I am Mis Mariam Alimusa, I am in Abidjan, the Economic Capital of Ivory Coast, I want your cooperation for a project investment in your country.

Please with me is the sum of US$5.5 Million Dollars which is safely deposited with a fiduciary fund holder by my later father before his death during the presidential crisis.
I wish to have the whole amount transferred with your help and invested in any profitable business venture in your country that you will advice. I will offer you 20% of the total sum for your help in this transaction.

Thank you for your assistance.

Mis.Mariam Alimusa"

REPLY- By Mister.

" WaalaikkumasalaAm

i have with me 6.5 million Euro. Pls help me get it out of my country. i will give u 50percent.

Awaiting ur help.

Mrs.Khali goosa bin toosa. "
LOL. No no. ROFL. No. LMAO. Or whatever abbreviations that justify the pain in my stomach for having laughed for more than 120 seconds.

My cold suddenly feels better. After all. Sac was all i needed. And Mrs. Toosa


Walk with me.

>> Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sac and me. One of these Sunday walks on the beach. I absolutely love the monsoons of Goa. Now, wait a minute. I've said that before. On this blog too. Ah, what the hell. I can say it again. I love the beaches during monsoons too. It's a treat to see the grey skies, the greyer ocean.

With Sac for company, I could stay back there. Like forever. (unlimited corn on the cob supply would be an additional treat).

Can we have the weekend already please??


Where have the days gone?

>> Monday, June 27, 2011

A couple of my well wishing friends (who keep in touch through facebook- Calling each other is probably obsolete now) wanted to know if I had gone into hiding. I was touched. At least a few people want to know what's up with me. :P

But where was I? What did i do all these days? Is it end of June already? Has a month gone by since my last post?

A lot has happened in the last 1 month. Me and Mr made a road trip home- Bengaluru. Well its 600 kms (1 way) and loved it in the new car. Spent good time with my little nephew who turns 1 in july. He's ADORABLE by the way. Stopped at Dandeli on the way back.

Came back and dived head first into work. Welcomed the monsoons of Goa ( and yeah, wet clothes, cold water bath, the musty smell...). Ate more of the Royal mangoes.

Welcomed a friend. Ate like there's no tomorrow, at all the places we promised to take him to. Put on 3 kilos in a week.

Bought 4 books. Not opened even one of them.  Still on Chanakya's Chant. And must admit, not enjoying the book as much as i thought i would.

Explored Flipkart. Loved their service the 1st 2 times. They sucked pathetically after that. Wanted to boo them aloud. So here goes. Boo Flipkart.

Tried a few new recipes. Tried a few old ones again. And i might want to give myself a pat on the back. :).

Read a few blogs. Loved a few. Liked a few okay.

Clicked a few pictures. Did not upload any.

That's about it.

This post is tremendous progress for me. Yay. Might come back for more this evening. just Might.


Tasted the thunder of hunger? Have u?

>> Friday, April 29, 2011

When a friend declared one evening over the phone, that she loves Anna Hazare for what he’s doing, I heard that name for the first time. Little did I know I was to hear it over a thousand times that week? I felt foolish for my ignorance of Current affairs and took the help of google to find out a little about the man who was obviously making headlines. What I learnt was, he’s 70+, a Padma Bhushan awardee, who has served the Indian Army, a role model for many, and now has the Government on its toes as he’s decided to fast unto death on the Lokpal issue. Impressive, me thinks.

Fasting almost always has an impact. A strong one. And I’m against it. Unless it can move the Government to work for the nation.

The easiest way to win a battle, even at homes, not necessarily in politics, is to fast.
Heard of the mother giving in to the child’s demands (from a new bag to a new bike) because he/she gave up food? Little did she know that the devil would’ve probably sneaked in a burger to eat while she worried herself sick over her child’s empty stomach and ate nothing herself.

Heard of the husband, who turned over on his side of the bed, because he’s sleepless with guilt that his rude remark has made his lovely, otherwise patient wife, skip her dinner tonight?

Heard of the girl, who’s equally worried about the broken door (that the boyfriend broke on his way out) and the untouched meal on the table, as a result of the argument that they shared(and she obviously lost)?

These are everyday stories. Millions of them like this. We all become Anna Hazares to get what we want. I don’t want to be mistaken for an anti-Indian (non patriotic) lunatic here. I am totally 100% percent with the Good Samaritan Anna Hazare. It is the daily ‘unto-death-or -till-I-get-what-I-want’ fasts that we all either perform or are forced to be audience for, that I’m uncomfortable with.

I was raised to finish what was on my plate. Once it’s on my plate, it needs to go in my stomach, is what I learnt. I was taught to serve ourselves with only what was needed. I was taught to help my mom finish the last grain of rice, so we don’t throw it in the bin. I once disagreed with a friend who refused to buy my explanation, and said, ‘you are not a dustbin. You don’t have to finish it’.
My funda remains the same till date, ‘if you don’t want to eat it, don’t stuff your plate with it’.

Sometimes, when I’m upset, or to win a fight, I meanly say, “I don’t want to eat”. But never have I skipped a meal for something as silly as this. I always finish my meal. People closest to me, are brave enough to say that I don’t skip a meal, because , they know my love for food and justify that I “live to eat”. Others don’t dare to say it to my face. ‘Thou shall not say that or thou might be just punched in the face’ warning has worked.

Well, needless to say that I burnt a support candle for Mr.Hazare here in Goa. But all you small time blackmailers, change your ways. You are lucky to be getting enough to eat. And luckier to have people who care if you eat or well, don’t.

Bon appétit. Oh! And by the way, you are welcome to join me for breakfast/lunch/dinner at my cooking blog.


The empty month. Well, not so empty maybe.

>> Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It’s been a chaotic March. And there has been no writing for the blog. Well, there’s been pretty much everything else than writing.   There’s been firing, replacing, hunting, shouting, fighting, patching(up), cooking, eating, meeting, partying, crying, laughing, tax filing, praying, movie watching, washing, paying, baking, celebrating, shopping, ironing, talking, playing, stitching, gardening, recipe posting, car hunting, interviewing, tv watching and then some more. But no writing.  That’s a lot of ings in a post.
The honest intentions are to get back to writing. And hope to get through this empty thought phase. There has been blog reading happening though. My best friend has decided to add lovely travel pictures to her blog. I’ve drooled over the places she’s been to. But seems like she’s going through a  ‘no-writing’ phase.

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