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9 Loves :

>> Wednesday, July 6, 2011

  • Books – I love reading them. I love collecting them. I love the stories that they carry in them. I love the stories behind them.  I love them like they were a part of me. 
  •  Sac- The better half of the better part of my life. Brings color to my otherwise black and white life.
  •  Brandy- Our 5 year old Labrador.
  •  Abhay- My itty bitty nephew who turns one this july. Absolute darling.
  • Family- I’m nothing without them.
  • Food- I live to eat. You need to get in to my good books, feed me.
  • Travelling and the small joys that come with it.
  • Music for the peace that it can bring. And for making me dance.
  • Dance – I wish I could dance as much I want to.

The list does not indicate an order in which I love them. That’s why I did not number them.


10 secrets:

>> Tuesday, July 5, 2011

1. I like games. I like beating people at them better. High scores give me a high. And I’m fiercely competitive, especially EVEN with friends.

2. I cannot lend books. I just cannot. I’m mean, I know! But I am paranoid about the borrower losing it. Or even worse, giving it dog-ears.  Those few who get to borrow, know. J.

3. Slip of tongues can make my sides split. I might not more than smirk at the world’s best comedy movies, but the slightest slip of tongues will get me rolling. I’m weird?  I already know that. Thanks.

4. Ugly handwriting puts me off. Thank heavens I did not marry a doctor.

5. I hate waking up early. I love the morning air, the early bird chirping, the sunrise, et cetera. But in my perfect world these things happens only after 7:30 am.

6. I can give up romantic dinners for Master Chef. (For those who pity my husband, I cook him fantastic meals, as inspired by the show.)

7. I’m terribly good at tongue twisters. Yes sir I can see slim Sam shaving six slippery chins in sixty six seconds.

8. I carry my world in my handbag. I’m a big handbag girl. My wallet, keys, laptop, a book, an occasional snack, phone, ….. everything just needs to fit in.

9. I dream of food. Almost half the time that I’m awake and idle. I love eating and I love eating.

10. I’m a big big big Friends fan. I absolutely adore Chandler Bing. And I’m good at the friends trivia too.

There. Done.

I’m facing a big risk of seeming like a freak. But those are the 10 secrets. Out of a hundred?


The 10 day you challenge.

I’ve been seeing this challenge doing rounds. Looks like I might enjoy taking it up. 
Will tag a few pals on the way.

Not really sure i can post 1 post a day. Let's see. 

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