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'Dandelion curls'

>> Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This picture was taken by Sachin about a year back. I've run out of pictures, so i thought i might as well use his. I'm sure he would'nt mind. :).

Ah, ha, ha, now! who comes here
Wreathed in flowers of gold and queer
Tiny tangled curls of green
Gayly bobbing in between?

Pretty token of the spring!
Hark! we hear the bluebirds sing
When we thus see little girls
Decked in dandelion curls.

--Evaleen Stein


"When are you going to finish all of these?" exclaimed my mom when she saw a bag full of books i bought on my last trip to Bangalore. "Can you not buy few at a time, finish them and buy the next lot?" she advised much to my growing irritation. I dint explain to her that i might just finish ALL of these by the time i hit Bangalore next. Or that the fact was that i actually got greedy and picked more books than i had intended to. My logic was already yelling at me for having spent a good amount on a single day and that too because i was stupid to buy a majority of books from Crossword while i could've saved about 30% at another place. This place called Bookworm(off MG Road/Brigade Road) is a heaven for book lovers. You'll get straight 25-30% off on brand new copies or can pick up read copies for half the price. And what's more,You read the book,did not like it that much, return it and get 50% of price paid back. Now that's great. For people who don't believe in keeping books. Not for me. I keep every book i read. So i buy my copies even if i've originally read a borrowed one.

And i don't believe in 'read-as-per-your-age' nonsense. I love Harry Potter. I still read comics. I reread my books. I love fiction. I dont mind the author as long as the story keeps me wanting to get back to the book.

I experimented with the recent copies by clicking pictures of them as objects. Wanted to share them here.

A very popular book written by Elizabeth Gilbert. Quite interesting part of her life. Liked the indonesian part of her journey because it's all happy happy. Have't read the sequel yet. Might just pick it up on my trip home this time. ;)

This was a very cute book. One of the cutest i've read so far. Was recommended by the bookworm guy. Meant for teens i guess but that din stop me. It's about a autistic teen boy who wants to find out who murdered his neighbor's dog. Mark Haddon brightens the book with some illustrations of what's going through the boy's head. Nice!!

This was recommended to me about a year back by my younger cousin (who's overtaken my number of books read quite sometime ago now). For some reason i had'nt picked it up. Loved the book. Was disappointed when it was over.

It did not take too long to finish this one. Did not connect to it for some strange reason. Liked the cover. :)


Top on my things to do before i die

>> Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This picture was clicked by Sachin in 2007 when he made a trip to Ladakh. And now i want to go. When i see the pictures that he's clicked of this heaven on earth, my heart begs me to pack my bags right away and land up there. Sachin are you listening?


Eat,Pray,...and then some.

>> Sunday, March 7, 2010

An unexpected trip to udupi( a town down in South Canara Dist, Karnataka), was a glimpse at how fast things are changing. Roads getting broadened, town becoming city(ish), big buildings/malls ruling the otherwise conservative cocoon....
Udupi is a hub of great cooks. Confirming that is the countless 'UDUPI HOTELS' all over India serving amazing dosas and idlis forever now. It also happens to be the home of the famous Udupi (Lord) krishna. With my Camera left behind, my mobile camera came into action. Shot a few pictures on the way to and the short rendezvous with the lil 'temple town of Udupi'.

The truck loaded train on the way.

Not there yet.

After feasting on some amazing lady fish and prawn ghee roast (my mouth still waters at the mere thought of it), we walked some distance to catch THE famous icecream parlor of Udupi, 'Diana'. We reached bang on the closing time. 5 mins to go. I wouldn't give up.

Called Gadbad which loosely translated means 'mix', accounts for a lot of slurps for most of my friends, local or otherwise. A meal in itself sometimes, i can manage this as a dessert.

After all the eating, it was time to see the beautiful little Krishna. Unexpectedly, the temple was the least crowded of all the times i've been there. No photographs inside. The peace and energy inside made me wish for a longer time to sit there. :( .

The wooden room divider caught my eye and i was already planning ways of getting it done. Great piece for sure.

I need to go armed with a better camera to do justice to the beautiful little (big) town

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