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Eat,Pray,...and then some.

>> Sunday, March 7, 2010

An unexpected trip to udupi( a town down in South Canara Dist, Karnataka), was a glimpse at how fast things are changing. Roads getting broadened, town becoming city(ish), big buildings/malls ruling the otherwise conservative cocoon....
Udupi is a hub of great cooks. Confirming that is the countless 'UDUPI HOTELS' all over India serving amazing dosas and idlis forever now. It also happens to be the home of the famous Udupi (Lord) krishna. With my Camera left behind, my mobile camera came into action. Shot a few pictures on the way to and the short rendezvous with the lil 'temple town of Udupi'.

The truck loaded train on the way.

Not there yet.

After feasting on some amazing lady fish and prawn ghee roast (my mouth still waters at the mere thought of it), we walked some distance to catch THE famous icecream parlor of Udupi, 'Diana'. We reached bang on the closing time. 5 mins to go. I wouldn't give up.

Called Gadbad which loosely translated means 'mix', accounts for a lot of slurps for most of my friends, local or otherwise. A meal in itself sometimes, i can manage this as a dessert.

After all the eating, it was time to see the beautiful little Krishna. Unexpectedly, the temple was the least crowded of all the times i've been there. No photographs inside. The peace and energy inside made me wish for a longer time to sit there. :( .

The wooden room divider caught my eye and i was already planning ways of getting it done. Great piece for sure.

I need to go armed with a better camera to do justice to the beautiful little (big) town


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