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Is it yours? And that surely is the question

>> Tuesday, June 12, 2012

After a really long absence from this blog, i have a strange post. While visiting my mum's place in Bangalore, it was a daily ritual to take a walk in the park which was conveniently overlooking the house. It being a new park, a lot of gardening work was still in progress. I could see workers toiling in heat just to make sure the park had good Fauna in a few weeks from now. That's probably why i was waiting to see the park in it's glory. One evening, while me and mum took our walk, i saw a lady bending over and plucking a few grass stems to offer for the God probably. Mum agreed with me that it was worth it buy it from the market or pick it from where there's plenty. Not where the garden has not even taken off. The next evening we saw the same lady plucking the only blooms in the park. That's when i lost it. This was the exact thing that happened next. (it happened in Kanadda, but i write it here in English)

Me: Aunty what are you doing?

Park flower thief aunty (PFTA) : Taking some flowers for home god.

Me (pointing beyond the gate) : Do you see that shop across there?

PFTA (losing interest in me already) : Yes

Me: Well, buy some flowers for 5 Rs. You'll get enough to last you for 3-4 days.

PFTA (ignores me): Hmpf!!

and continues to do the thieving

Me : Can't you see that these are the only blooms in the park ? Please don't do this.

PFTA : Don't teach me! I'm taking this for God. It's his anyway. Is it yours?? That i should i listen to you. (and marches off in the opposite direction. Stops a few metres away, talks to another lady while pointing in my direction, probably sharing my 'interference' in her good deed)

I walk across to my mum who's been watching quietly and sigh. She smiles kindly and we walk for some more time and when we reach the exit, we find there, lying the one bloom that was plucked. The lady probably dropped it in a hurry.

Whose is it now?

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