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Laughter the best medicine? True, that

>> Thursday, June 30, 2011

Well i'm down with cold. After 2 long years. And recovering. This is what happens when you are blindly proud if your immunity. It gives up on you. Well, i've sulked for 2 full evenings. And sac had to bear the brunt of it. Poor fellow. I've nearly chewed his head of today.

Me, full of irritation (yeah, please blame the cold), barked, that my rediff account was full of spam. Random people promising to share their wealth with me. As much as some millions. Except that i needed to transfer some money to them of course. To help them send the millions to me.

For which, Sac, gently, took the phone and typed away.

This was the exact mail (and trail) that was exchanged.

MAIL 1- From the lovely lady who wanted to share her money with me.


I am Mis Mariam Alimusa, I am in Abidjan, the Economic Capital of Ivory Coast, I want your cooperation for a project investment in your country.

Please with me is the sum of US$5.5 Million Dollars which is safely deposited with a fiduciary fund holder by my later father before his death during the presidential crisis.
I wish to have the whole amount transferred with your help and invested in any profitable business venture in your country that you will advice. I will offer you 20% of the total sum for your help in this transaction.

Thank you for your assistance.

Mis.Mariam Alimusa"

REPLY- By Mister.

" WaalaikkumasalaAm

i have with me 6.5 million Euro. Pls help me get it out of my country. i will give u 50percent.

Awaiting ur help.

Mrs.Khali goosa bin toosa. "
LOL. No no. ROFL. No. LMAO. Or whatever abbreviations that justify the pain in my stomach for having laughed for more than 120 seconds.

My cold suddenly feels better. After all. Sac was all i needed. And Mrs. Toosa


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