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Declaration of Love

>> Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What does it take for the person you love, to know you do?

Should I wait for the perfect evening, a fantastic sunset and a candle-lit dinner to look into his eyes and gently say “I love you”? Or should I take the more vociferous path and stand on the echoing 
hills of some strange place and scream it, so it comes back, loud?

Will buying an airplane (or a fleet) and naming it after him suffice? Or should I try building a monument of Marble?

Should I write a poem? Or a fancy letter?

Should I carve my declaration on anything I find??

I’m told that one doesn’t need declaration to love or be loved. Well. The logic does understand. The romantic in me disagrees.

Once in a while, it doesn’t hurt anyone. Does it?

Declare, when you feel like, I say!

Here is one declaration i found on a train recently.
Way to go Manoj- or Abarna. :)


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