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Confessions of an impatient driver

>> Wednesday, October 20, 2010

As I slammed the brakes of my 10 year old Maruti 800, I flinched. I wondered how long is this car of mine bear with me . Pushing the worry out of my mind for future reference (as in when I reach home), I tried to focus on climbing the slope of the exit. “Left? Right? Left? Right? Was there a right choice? Which would give me lesser traffic to deal with? “. Yeah, I’m dramatic that way. And left I go. Rejoice on seeing a clear street. But, least did I know it was the calm before the storm. (yeah, more drama). After covering a furlong (what? That word is still in use!!), I noticed the cause for the empty street. JAM. I was stuck the end of what seemed like a long line.  Reverse!! But face a monster sized Safari right behind. I’m not going anywhere for a while. Hello, crabby me!! After what could be 15 mins and several under-the-breath curses, there was some movement ahead. The idiot who had caused the jam, with the badly parked omni, was found. Cars started moving. The idiots(yes, there were plenty), who had climbed on the pavement, with their bikes that is, hurriedly climbed down to the street. But crabby was not in a mood to rejoice. All crabby wanted was to go home and do nothing. When it was my turn to move, first gear, second and then third, and BRAKE! A head bobs in and out and in and out from a new Swift. Ah, I get it. New car. He needs to be sure that he gets his “Babe” home safe. While he leaves safely from my right, throws me a grateful smile (for waiting patiently. Hah!) I throw him a look that says, ‘Well, congrats on ur new car. But get the hell out of my way’. He was gone by the time I could make up my mind if I wanted to slam into his car or just yell at him. Finally, free streets. Yeah, Gear number 4 springs to action and I’m whizzing home. I get home. Phew! What a day!
The next day begins with equal impatience. Getting my insurance renewed was the task of the day and I was late. I wondered why is it that when you are in a super hurry, others tend to move in superer slow motion. Well, I couldn’t help but swish and swerve and rush. And I finally got there. I was told to give a copy of my Driver’s license. While I was filling the renewal form, it registered that my license on that day was exactly 7 months old. That meant, I was on the streets, in my car, for all of 7 months. AND I’d turned into a monster already. I shamefully remembered my Driving lessons where I’d drive at a snail-pace while other drivers patiently waited behind for space. And if someone impatient passed by me, almost pushing me into the ditch, I determinedly promised myself that I would never be one of those. And that I would have patience and respect for everyone on the street. In my arrogance of having learnt the art of driving and mastering the confidence, forgotten my promise to self. I was really ashamed. For that one moment, I thought I din deserve the license. Well, I think the RTO should start taking a bond signed for nice behavior for drivers.
Well, I had amends to make. It meant starting fresh and with patience. Well, I think now the world has one less impatient driver to deal with.


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