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That little bit of change.

>> Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sun sets on 2009. 2010 is here. Feels like this year passed in the wink of an eye. A lot happened in the past year if I come to think of it. Some eventful, some not so much. But,it's time to welcome the big two zero one zero. It's his time now. It's also time for something interesting. Resolutions. I've not been much of a resolution person. Meaning, I haven't bothered to resolve on new year to avoid breaking them later anyway. Easy way out. But this year-end, I take the step. I resolve.( :). Is that the right word?).
1. To be a little more dedicated to whatever I do.
2. To be a little more patient with life.
3. To do that extra little bit to find the divine I've been hoping to find on accident.
4.To be a little more patient
5. To be a little more mad.

Well, I can think of more. But let me keep it concrete only on these. Less risk-more return (ah it works here).

Have a happy new year everyone. More madness in 2010.

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Related Posts with Thumbnails

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