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Ah the Happy bull.

>> Tuesday, December 22, 2009

OR Ox. (Cant figure the difference anyway). This pair, that is the Shehnai(an Indian instrument) guy and his bull are a common sight in India. And they visit street-to-street, the guy blowing his Shehnai and the Bull, strutting in bright colors to earn a living. Well, it's a different story that this pair generally sets of all pet dogs barking their lungs out. These Shahnai-wallahs are usually a great talent. And.. these bulls are considered to bring luck when fed. Ahh!! The Happy bull. :). Unlike his brothers, he gets to visit so many people instead of ploughing fields on a hot day. And look at the colors he's wearing. The bright Indian colors. There's Red,there's green and there's fuchsia too. Note his accessories as well. There's beads, bells, frills. Whoa!! No wonder he gets an audience often.


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