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Stay with me

>> Monday, February 14, 2011

She took one more step into the water. The wet sand sank under her feet. She stood there letting the wind caress her. Fresh tears rolled down her face when she thought how he'd hurt her. She remembered her promise to herself that she wouldn't let him hurt her ever again. And if he did, she'd end it all by walking into the sea. Now, she stood there the barely noticing the moonlight dancing the lovely ballet on the ocean bed. It was a beautiful sight but her eyes were clouded with tears and her mind numb in pain. She could not understand why someone would her hurt her like this, again and again. The sea was calm. As if it wanted to put its arms around her and ease her pain. She considered it one more time, slowly digging her toes into the sand, standing where she stood. A gentle breeze pushed the hair off her pretty face, drying a drop of tear on its way. She moved one more step into the sea and then one more. The sea was now at her knees. The water seemed unnaturally calm, like it waited with bated breath. She stood there for a couple of minutes and heard the gentle sea slap the shore. Then, all of a sudden she took a step back. And then one more and quickly retraced her steps and stood at the edge of the sea. As she turned her back on the sea that had consoled her, she heard the sea roar. The waves slapped at her feet, hungrily. She ignored the noise that was evident now. She walked up without looking back. When she reached a good distance from the sea, she whispered, "I'll be back sweetheart and this time for good".


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