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>> Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is it human tendency to question everything? Is it arrogance? Or is it curiosity? What is it that we spend a lifetime to gain an understanding of? Why is it that so many of us, might not even get close to understanding the difference between a lucky co-incidence and a miracle. No I’m not being philosophical. I don even know what that word truly means.

Somebody close to me once said, “The most difficult part of being spiritual is being the spiritual being”. To her surprise, it drew a loud laugh from me. It was pure gibberish to me. I was sure she had read it somewhere and was repeating it in a vain effort of sounding wise (read cool). She squinted at me and walked away. And half spiritual people are probably tough to apologize to. :-)

I’m not a spiritual being. Neither am I religious. So then what does it make me? Confused soul I guess. I learnt at a very young age that chanting memorized prayers is not an easy way to connect to any supreme power protecting us. I realized, speaking to him whenever I felt like, put me in more comfort. I know when I put my palms together and bend my head to surrender to her, I feel warm inside. The warm feeling is what I love. Like a reassurance.

May be some day I’ll understand what it is to connect to him. In a better way than I do now. In pursuit of spirituality.

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