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Lazy Sunday.

>> Sunday, June 21, 2009

Today's day was long. Really long. I say this cos of two reasons. 1st-The sun set about 10 mins ago. i.e. around 7:15 pm IST. The second-I've been doing nothing all day and silently hoping the day would end. Heard of the watched pot story. I wonder how the sun manages to get through such long boring days. The ever evasive rain decided to tempt us a little today. All she did was to leave the nearly dry clothes damp again. I still have no idea what i'm going to do for another 4 hours before sleep takes over. Movies don seem to be taking the lead. The book I'm reading is seeming too predictable. Cant anyone write a book that can actually be read straight for 4 hours???? Okay! While writing this line I've just decided to do some online search for the Goan Pav. A kind of local bread that forms part of most of my meals now. I've realized i know nothing much than what it costs. So it's decided. It's journey on the path of Pav for me for now. Should keep me occupied for a while. And then I'll crib some more. May be I'll find something else en-route. And may be...I'll write about it tomorrow.


Related Posts with Thumbnails

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